Who we are?

AccountantZ Ltd. is a newly established, independent professional services company that combines more than 20 years of experience in business process outsourcing with a clear focus on providing tailored services to companies outsourcing their administrative functions.

Why us?

The senior management of AccountantZ has a track record of more than 20 years in the field of outsourced company administration where they provided professional services to local and multinational companies from various jurisdictions. The management team is well connected to BIG4 and major law firms in Hungary and has demonstrated to and recognized by the market for its expertise.

One of our strength origins from the wide-range knowledge and experience we gained over the last 20 years. During our cooperation you will recognize that we find solutions fast and in exceptional quality for all of your needs from the simplest local compliance issues to the more complex matters.

Fresh Perspective
One of our main goals is to apply innovative technologies to provide up-to-date financial and accounting information for decision makers.

We have set up a virtual dataroom, offering our Clients access to their up-to-date financial and accounting information anytime – this provides them the opportunity to make business decisions based on transparent data. To secure communication, we use SSL technology with client-server transactions, the redundant hard-drive storing space and on-site backup facility provide fast, accurate, and up-to date data retrieve.

Our unique work-flow management system allows us to log and track our Clients’ inquiries promptly while our Clients can actively take part in and review the work process.

If the Client requires, we are ready to use the Client’s integrated systems while working with our unique virtual database platform.

Our ultimate goal is to provide high-end quality services to our Clients with competitive fees. The precondition for our growth is that our Clients are satisfied with our services at all levels. Therefore we are committed to set up high quality service teams satisfying our Clients’ needs and addressing questions and issues in a fast and up-to-date manner. A key contact person is assigned to each Client with an overall review and a deep understanding of the services provided and with responsibility for continuous communication with the Client. The operation is regularly monitored and upgraded by the partners ensuring the quality of the work our colleagues deliver.

We put a deep emphasis on constant trainings, knowledge sharing and professional consultation between the team members. This ensures that we always inform our Clients about the risks of change in current financial and accounting legislation, supporting them to achieve their business goals in the most efficient way.

Our client service team consists of young and outstanding professionals, who are highly trained and have worked together for years. The continuous consultation between the team members ensure that each client profits from the knowledge and experience we have gained from similar engagements.

We request Client feedbacks regularly to develop the quality of the services we provide to them.